Mark Bowman

President, Bowman Ecker

Mark Bowman has over 26 years of experience representing tenants and buyers in the real estate industry. Mark started his career as an attorney for the General Counsel of Arthur Andersen & Co. in Chicago. Mark joined Howard Ecker + Company in 1988 to represent corporate tenants in commercial office lease transactions, purchase/sale of commercial buildings, and corporate build-to-suit projects.

In 1991, Mark co-founded National Facilities Group, Inc.(“NFG”), a real estate and technology consulting firm specializing in strategic real estate planning and automation. As COO of NFG, Mark grew the company to become one of the most respected real estate consulting and technology firms in the marketplace. NFG utilized its industry leading proprietary software system called SLIM – Strategic Lease Information Management – to automate the corporate real estate departments of more than 150 Fortune 1000 corporations. Mark sold NFG to Los Angeles based Accruent, Inc. and joined Accruent to integrate the companies and provide strategic real estate consulting services to NFG and Accruent clients.

Mark returned to his commercial tenant representation practice in 2008 and later partnered with Howard Ecker to establish Bowman Ecker, a boutique real estate firm with offices in Detroit, Chicago, Denver and New York. Bowman Ecker focuses on performance management of real estate assets throughout the lifecycle of the asset. In addition to tenant based transaction and negotiation services, Bowman Ecker provides strategic real estate portfolio consulting services including market planning, site selection, lease administration and automation, and real estate due diligence and compliance services.

Just a sample of our well-served clients over the years

Clients Testimonials

When my company was expanding nationally, we need to rent office space on many cities around the country.  Ira Perlman from Howard Ecker & Company led our projects and was terrific.  He understood our needs, scoped out the geography, negotiated on our behalf and presented us with good options.  We never could have done it without their help.  It greatly minimized my time required.  When we decided that we needed a larger corporate facility, they were part of the team of our “build to suit” development.  Ira and Howard Ecker always were OUR advocates

Rich Magid/Millard Group

Julie Silverstein/Errand Solutions

Howard Ecker and his team have been trusted advisors of mine for over a decade and through three different companies. No one is better at representing tenants from simple to complex lease situations. The deep relationships that Howard brings to the table ensure that you will always have excellent rent options and favorable lease terms. I highly recommend Howard Ecker and company.

Julie Silverstein/Errand Solutions

Nadine E Bolger/Northwestern

Working with Valentine at Howard Ecker has been a truly wonderful experience. She has consistently negotiated on my business’ behalf at our downtown Chicago flagship location and was immensely helpful with the location search for our suburban satellite office. She is incredibly knowledgeable about rental agreements, market value and attractiveness of location.  I have always believed the well-being of our business is her priority and never doubted her moral integrity. I plan to continue a very long relationship with Valentine and the Howard Ecker firm.

Nadine E Bolger/Northwestern

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