Financial Analysis

At Howard Ecker + Company, we believe a properly negotiated lease leverages current market conditions, provides flexibility through lease rights and options, incorporates operating expense cost controls, and allows for our clients to adapt to future market realities and risks. For each negotiation, we perform a thorough analysis of each property under consideration to assist our clients achieve the optimum result from a financial and business perspective. Landlord negotiations are transparent and we use the information generated through our financial analysis to weigh competing offers and make reasonable counter offers. In my nearly two decades working with Howard Ecker, we have continually driven hard bargains and consummated transactions that exceeded our clients’ expectations.

  • Understanding of the “real” costs of a property and the client’s lease obligation over the term.

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Our Clients Are Our Best Advocates

Our work speaks for itself and satisfied clients are our biggest advocates…

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“We knew that Howard was the right choice for us because he was surrounded by a team of strong professionals and the conversations we would have with them always were after what was right for us first.”

Jim Jacoby, Founder, ADMCi/Manifest Digital

Just a sample of our well-served clients over the years

Clients Testimonials

Julie Silverstein/Errand Solutions

Howard Ecker and his team have been trusted advisors of mine for over a decade and through three different companies. No one is better at representing tenants from simple to complex lease situations. The deep relationships that Howard brings to the table ensure that you will always have excellent rent options and favorable lease terms. I highly recommend Howard Ecker and company.

Julie Silverstein/Errand Solutions

Nadine E Bolger/Northwestern

Working with Valentine at Howard Ecker has been a truly wonderful experience. She has consistently negotiated on my business’ behalf at our downtown Chicago flagship location and was immensely helpful with the location search for our suburban satellite office. She is incredibly knowledgeable about rental agreements, market value and attractiveness of location.  I have always believed the well-being of our business is her priority and never doubted her moral integrity. I plan to continue a very long relationship with Valentine and the Howard Ecker firm.

Nadine E Bolger/Northwestern

James E. Vaughan/Batterson Venture Capital

Last Fall I had the pleasurable experience of shopping for new office space in Chicago for our small but expanding firm — ugh!  Fortunately, Val and Howard Ecker were there to guide and assist me and my team.  Val was hands-on all the way.  She took careful note of our needs, gently bumped us back into the fairway when we got off course about what we wanted and needed in our new office address, and helped us settle on a great space that fit our budget and checked all the boxes.  We are definitely small customers, but they treated us like a big deal and made the process relatively painless.

Simply put, we would never have found this office without Val and Howard.  Additionally, they negotiated the final deal, acted as interpreters for the confusing real estate terms, and even got us some office furniture left over from the previous tenant thrown in for no cost.  They saved us time and money and we are grateful for having them as our go-to real estate professionals.  I would recommend without reservation Howard Ecker + Company to anyone looking for office space.

James E. Vaughan/Batterson Venture Capital

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